Eazy Build is now a licenced ConstructSafe Assessor 


What is ConstructSafe?  

ConstructSafe is the solution to assessing Health & Safety competency within the construction industry in New Zealand.

It provides assurance that every worker onsite understands the same things, to carry out their jobs safely. 


So why should you take the ConstructSafe test?  

ConstructSafe helps to prove that you are a safer worker than others which is attractive to employers. 

ConstructSafe proves that you meet the industry standards for health and safety. 

The ConstructSafe test takes less than an hour to complete.  


Contact Us today to book your test! 


Cost: $125 + GST per person (per two attempts)


What to bring:

 A valid form of photo identification such as NZ Driver’s License or Passport

Note: Testing will not proceed without valid ID


This test is made up of 50 questions, and most people finish within forty-minutes,

because it is made up of multi-choice and pictorial questions.

The test is generic, construction-wide, and health and safety focused.​

Areas covered in the test are:

  • General responsibilities

  • Emergencies

  • Plant

  • Working at heights 

  • Utilities and services

  • Traffic & Construction signs

  • Confined and restricted spaces

  • Chemicals and hazardous substances


Once you have completed and passed the ConstructSafe test your competency profile will be a part of the database and, you will be able to show others using the CHASNZ App which is free to download from the app store.