Eazy Build was founded in 2015 off the back of a dream that Labour Hire could be easier than what it was.  That tradies would be able to do their work in a safe environment, be paid on time and in full and not have to worry about where their next job was going to come from.


What sets Eazy Build apart from the other players in the industry is that we proudly put a personal touch on everything we do.  We meet with every single one of our team as part of the on boarding process and we make sure that they are ready and rearing to go as soon as you need them.  We make contact with our clients once a week to ensure that everything is ticking along nicely and to make sure their needs are being met.




Having our team go home safe and sound to their friends and family is cardinal to how we run business.  Each person is valued equally,  regardless of position - everyone goes home safe; no exceptions 



Everyone is treated with respect. There is no hierarchy that indicates some are better than others. Everyone has value to add, everyone brings something to the table.



We work together and make room for everyone to have a voice.  We will all look out for each other and speak up if we see something unsafe or risky.



We believe that having people from all different walks of life will bring different perspectives and help us to learn from each other. Different ages, genders, nationalities and even regions is what makes us stand apart.

 “Having our team go home safe and sound to their friends and family is cardinal to how we run our business...

  Safety over everything”

             Doug Afeaki Managing Director


Doug Afeaki
Owner / Director
doug@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 377 4560

Noticing a gap in the market for hard working experienced labour hire, Doug started Eazy Build Ltd.

With the vision of supplying a high level of skilled tradesmen to ensure customer satisfaction.

Vinson Pakipaki
Sales & Operations 
vinson@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 121 4667

Ensuring all the cogs of the wheel are moving in sync with each other, Vinson is passionate about getting everything to run smoothly and is people and solution focussed.  If you have a workforce issue, Vinson will happily provide you with a solution.

Tina Coe
Business Support & Operations 
tina@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 5266 771

With a passion for productivity and minimised risk, Tina audits and streamlines all Eazy Build’s policies to ensure safety and efficiency.  Successfully managing a team for a global corporation, Tina decided to put her hand to a 100% Kiwi owned business with true Kiwi values.  If there are any parts to Eazy Build that are too cumbersome or hard, Tina is the person to talk to make it eazy.

Jason Eramiha
Sales & Operations
jason@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 027 5892

After years and years of being out in the field, Jason has switched gears and is delivering a fine level of expertise when it comes to getting a solution for your workforce needs.  Jason has gained vast business knowledge from working within a number of key industries spanning his 25 year career and knows which guys will suit your job requirements best.

Becky Li
Accounts Officer
becky@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 540 9818

Keeping the books nice and tidy is what Becky is about.  Becky has worked with government agencies in her previous roles which makes compliance an effortless way of working.  If you have any queries about anything to do with accounts, Becky is a fountain of knowledge.

Liz Afeaki
Accounts Receivable

Liz’s many many years of accounts experience gives her a no-nonsense approach to ensuring everything is closed out on time.  Liz is on the money when it comes to keeping everyone’s accounts accurate and up to date.

Aishling Elias
Coordinator Extraordinaire
aishling@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 359 7364 

Aishling comes to us with from a varied background which makes her great when it comes to multitasking.  Aishling loves a good chat so recruitment is right up her alley.  If you are looking for work, give Aishling a call, text, email or reach out to her on Eazy Build’s social platforms.

Brodie Sands
Coordinator Extraordinaire
brodie@eazybuild.co.nz  I  022 359 7364  

A friendly and bubbly nature has aided Brodie in achieving great things with a diverse group of people.  Brodie has a fierce

can-do attitude and is determined to make things work for our contractors and clients alike.  Brodie uses her recruitment experience to find the best contractors for the business.

*Brodie is currently on Maternity Leave being a sterling mum to her brand new baby boy – congratulations Brodie!  We expect Brodie back in mid 2022